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The Tiny Tour is an engaging, interactive performance designed specifically be performed right in your preschool classroom or young learner space.

For ages 5 and under.



Written by Brittni Shambaugh Addison
Directed by Jenni Harbour

Mar 4 – Apr 5

Jee is an Artist. Jee LOVES the color Green. Jee paints green SQUARES, green CIRCLES, and even green SQUIRCLES! But when a new artist comes to share Jee’s space, his world is turned upside down, as he is introduced to all colors of the rainbow. This 25 minute show is designed for our youngest learners (ages 5 and under) and can be brought directly to your classroom!

Colorado Academic Standards

Drama & Theatre Arts

Students are supported in developing these Colorado Drama and Theatre Arts Standards while viewing The Tiny Tour:

Drama and Theatre Arts Standard 3: Critically Respond

3.1 Perceive and analyze artistic work

3.2 Interpret intent and meaning in artistic work

3.3 Connect artistic experiences to our world; past, present, and future

3.4 Apply criteria to evaluate artistic work

Colorado Academic Standards for Drama and Theatre Arts (

Social Emotional Curriculum

Students are supported in developing these Social & Emotional Learning competencies while viewing The Tiny Tour:

Self-Awareness: Integrating personal and social identities, Identifying one’s emotions, Linking feelings, values, and thoughts.

Self-Management: Managing one’s emotions.

Social Awareness: Taking others’ perspectives, Demonstrating empathy and compassion, Showing concern for the feelings of others.

Responsible Decision-Making: Demonstrating curiosity and open-mindedness.

Social & Emotional Learning Core Competencies taken from the CASEL framework (


Colorado Essential Skills

Students are supported in developing these Colorado Essential Skills while viewing The Tiny Tour:

Critical Thinking and AnalysisRecognize that problems can be identified and possible solutions can be created.

Global/Cultural AwarenessCompare attitudes and beliefs as an individual to others.

Self-AwarenessAccurately recognize one’s own emotions, thoughts, and values and how they influence behavior.

Colorado Essential Skills (

The students were engaged; riveted actually, completely enthralled! Thank you so much for designing a performance that was so perfectly suited for our age group!!!

— Salida Early Childhood Center


CRT is committed to ensuring that The Tiny Tour remains accessible for all communities.

To inquire about booking the show or financial assistance, please contact Education Director, Jenni Harbour, at or (719) 658-2540, Ext 2012.

I have never seen such a large group of children this age engaged for this amount of time. Seeing the children’s reactions was just as fun as watching the show.

— Heather Soderman, Family Services Coordinator, Salida Early Childhood Center


CRT believes that every student deserves equitable access to theatre education and performance opportunities. Theatre education provides development of essential skills such as collaboration, problem-solving and creativity. Consider supporting our dynamic education programs today!

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For more information, please contact:
Jenni Harbour, Education Director  |  (719) 658 -2540, Ext 2012