Community Outreach

Creede Rep is proud to partner with various communities in order to bring hands-on learning opportunities directly to students of all ages. From established theatre residencies in Creede, to specialized workshops and intensives throughout Colorado, we are committed to creating equitable access to theatre arts education.


Work with our Education Staff to create a memorable theatre workshop experience! Our team of teaching artists will work with students to explore a specific area of theatre while developing essential life-skills such as creativity, collaboration, and problem-solving!

Workshops typically last two hours and are ideal for groups of 10-30 students. Explore our various workshop offerings below!


Intensives typically last 3-5 consecutive days. Teaching Artists will spend up to 6 hours per day with students, focusing on a particular theatrical topic (ex: Playwriting, Musical Theatre, Shakespeare), based on student interest and community need. At the culmination of the intensive, participants will showcase their learning.

Theater is one of the kids’ favorite activities. They learn so many things during Theatre Hour from expanding the imagination of their dramatic play, gross motor skills, social skills, problem solving and literacy skills. 

— Krisen Quiller, Creede Early Learning Center

Creede Rep in Residency

Creede Rep works with the Creede School District and the Creede Early Learning Center to provide theatre arts education to all students in Mineral County.

The Creede School Residency provides a Theatre Arts Special for students in grades K-5, and a Secondary Elective for students in grades 6-12. Elementary students annually participate in the Elementary School Musical, and secondary students participate in the Southern Colorado Schools One-Act Play Competition at the Sangre de Cristo Arts Center in Pueblo, CO.

The Creede Early Learning Center Residency provides “Theatre Hour” programming to toddler and Pre-K students. Students learn about collaboration, storytelling, and creativity!

We are so fortunate to be able to team up with CRT to bring theater taught by true professionals to the youngest kids in Mineral County. Stories, Movement, and the Arts are absolutely essential to the development of young minds.

— Margo Eubank, Creede Early Learning Center

All residencies, intensives, and workshops are curated and formulated to fit the needs of the specific student population.

For more information, please contact

Jenni Harbour, Education Director |  (719) 658-2540, Ext 2012


For more information, please contact:
Jenni Harbour, Education Director  |  (719) 658 -2540, Ext 2012