Learning through theatre teaches students how to work together, problem solve, and use their imaginations.

Friday and Monday Day Camps

Bi-weekly, during the school year

What are Friday and Monday day camps?

Friday Day Camps are an opportunity for students who attend school at Creede School or in the greater San Luis Valley to attend a free program regularly, on Fridays during the school year. Each Friday Day Camp will take place at the Ruth Humphrey’s Brown theatre from 10AM to 4PM with a break for lunch. Each Friday, the students will be exposed to a different area of theatre, including but not limited to Playwriting, Stage Combat, Theatrical Design, Improvisation, and Musical Theatre. All camps are pay what you can.

Monday Day Camps offer the same program for students who reside in Lake City. All Monday Day Camps take place at the Moseley Art Center in Lake City.

Friday and Monday Day Camps are open to students age 3 and older.


The purpose of Friday & Monday Day Camp Programming is to provide students with a safe environment on days when they do not have school. The four-day school schedule often makes finding positive and affordable opportunities for students challenging, and when parents and guardians are working full-time, they are not always able to secure activities for their students to participate in. Friday and Monday Day Camps provide a resource for the families in our communities while helping our youth find leadership opportunities, develop specific skills, grow in confidence, and connect with fellow young people.

2020/2021 Schedule

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Summer Day Camps

Typically taking place throughout the months of June and July

What are Summer Day Camps?

Summer Day Camps are an opportunity for residents and visitors of Creede to have a diverse theatrical learning experience. Camps are offered for students between the ages of 3 and 18 and taught by members of the CRT Staff and Summer Company.

2021 Schedule

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For more information, please contact:
Brittni Shambaugh Addison, Education Director
719-658 -2540 Ext: 227