CRT offers Friday Day Camps during the school year and Summer Day Camps in June.

All of our camp offerings allow students to explore different areas of theatre and storytelling while developing essential skills such as creativity, collaboration, and critical-thinking.


What are Summer Day Camps?:

Summer Day Camps are an opportunity for residents and visitors of Creede to have a diverse theatrical learning experience. Camps are offered for students ages 3 and up and are taught by members of the CRT Staff and Summer Company.

Summer 2024 Offerings: 

Adult Improvisation (Ages 18+): June 11th-14th, 5:30-8:00 PM, $100
Do you love Boomtown? Ever wondered what it would be like to get up and try it yourself? Come learn improvisation and group mind basics from our team of professional teaching artists! You’ll be saying, “Yes, and…” in no time!

Tap Dance (Ages 6-8): June 11th-14th, 10:00 AM-4:00 PM, $200
Students will learn the basics of tap dancing and work together to create a performance number for an audience! We’re going to be ‘puttin’ on the ritz’! No tap shoes are required for this camp!

Action Storytime (Ages 3-5): June 15th, 22nd and 29th, 10:00 AM-12:00 PM, $40
In this annual offering for our youngest learners, students will have the opportunity to learn theatre fundamentals and problem-solving skills through movement, storytelling, and play. Every student will leave with a new book and delightful memories!

Character Gymnasium (Ages 9-11): June 18th-21st, 10:00 AM-4:00 PM, $200
How do actors play multiple characters in one performance? Work with our team of professional teaching artists to practice nimbly jumping between multiple different characters! Students will explore creation of a character, physical and vocal choices, and performance techniques!

Cosplay Camp (Ages 12+): June 25th-28th, 10:00 AM-4:00 PM, $250
Want to bring an iconic character to life? Work with our team of professional teaching artists and theatre artisans to create a cosplay (or ‘costume play’) from the ground up! Students will explore multiple costume and prop craft styles! Be sure to come to our final design showcase, Creede Rep Con!


To inquire about financial assistance, please contact Education Director, Jenni Harbour at 


What are Friday Day Camps?:

Friday Day Camps are an opportunity for students who attend school at Creede School or in the greater San Luis Valley to attend a free program regularly on Fridays during the school year. Each Friday, the students will explore a different area of theatre, including but not limited to Playwriting, Stage Combat, Theatrical Design, Improvisation, and Musical Theatre. All camps are Pay What You Can. Friday Day Camps are open to students age 3 and older.


The purpose of Friday Day Camps are to provide students with a safe environment on days when they do not have school. The four-day school schedule often makes finding positive and affordable opportunities for students challenging, and when parents and guardians are working full-time, they are not always able to secure activities for their students to participate in. Friday Day Camps provide a resource for the families in our communities while helping our youth develop essential skills such as creativity, collaboration and critical-thinking.

Spring 2024 Friday Day Camps:

Spring Friday Day Camps will be held March 8th, April 5th, and April 26th at the Virginia Christensen Multi-Use Facility (Rec Center). Be sure to register your student below!


Drama and Theatre Arts

Students are supported in developing these Colorado Drama and Theatre Arts Standards while participating in Camps and Workshops:

Drama and Theatre Arts Standard 1: Create

1.1 Generate and conceptualize artistic ideas and work

1.2 Organize and develop artistic ideas and work

1.3 Connect artistic ideas to personal experience and varied perspectives

1.4 Refine artistic work towards completion

Drama and Theatre Arts Standard 2: Perform

2.1 Select, analyze, and interpret artistic work for presentation

2.2 Develop and refine artistic techniques, choices, and work for presentation

2.3 Connect artistic work with audience, community, and ensemble

2.4 Convey meaning through the presentation of artistic work

Colorado Academic Standards for Drama and Theatre Arts (

Social Emotional Curriculum

Students are supported in developing these Social & Emotional Learning competencies while participating in Camps and Workshops:

Self-Awareness: Integrating personal and social identities, Identifying one’s emotions, Linking feelings, values, and thoughts, Having a growth mindset, Developing interests and a sense of purpose.

Self-Management: Managing one’s emotions, Identifying and using stress management strategies, Exhibiting self-discipline and self-motivation, Setting personal and collective goals, Showing the courage to take initiative, Demonstrating personal and collective agency.

Social Awareness: Taking others’ perspectives, Recognizing strengths in others, Demonstrating empathy and compassion, Showing concern for the feelings of others, Understanding and expressing gratitude, Recognizing situational demands and opportunities.

Relationship Skills: Communicating effectively, Developing positive relationships, Practicing teamwork and collaborative problem-solving, Showing leadership in groups, Seeking or offering support and help when needed.

Responsible Decision-Making: Demonstrating curiosity and open-mindedness, Recognizing how critical thinking skills are useful both inside and outside of school. 

Social & Emotional Learning Core Competencies taken from the CASEL framework (


Colorado Essential Skills

Students are supported in developing these Colorado Essential Skills while viewing The Tiny Tour:

Creativity/Innovation: Engage in novel approaches, moves, directions, ideas, and/perspectives.

Self-Awareness: Assess personal strengths and limitations, with a well-grounded sense of confidence, optimism, and a ‘growth mindset’.

Adaptability/Flexibility: Look for and find value in different perspectives expressed by others.

Perseverance/Resilience: Focus on learning goals by employing motivation and familiar strategies for engagement and evaluate progress, making necessary changes to stay the course.

Collaboration/Teamwork: Follow a process identified by other to help generate ideas, negotiate roles and responsibilities, and respects consensus in decision making.

Civic Engagement: Participate in social or community activities.

Colorado Essential Skills (


CRT believes that every student deserves equitable access to theatre education and performance opportunities. Theatre education provides development of essential skills such as collaboration, problem-solving and creativity. Consider supporting our dynamic education programs today!

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