From its Rocky Mountain roots, Creede Repertory Theatre serves as an artistic home to our rural community and beyond, through the creation of repertory seasons, dynamic educational programs, and compelling new works.


CRT will be a haven for artistic excellence, belonging, and intrinsic joy.



We invest in the staff, company, students, patrons, board members, town of Creede, and the extended family that make up CRT; the power of this diversity of voices strengthens our community as a whole. We strive to be accessible, engaging, and meet the needs of this community through personal connections, strong partnerships, and being active citizens of Creede, Colorado.


We are thoughtful and deliberate in our decisions; grounded in our mission and identity.


We create nationally recognized professional theatre that inspires, provokes, and nourishes the soul. We provide supportive space for our community to grow, explore, and create. We believe that live performance can enrich the human experience and transform the world.


We recognize our legacy and geography; we are mountain-tough and strive to overcome all obstacles.

2025 Strategic Plan


1. Artistry

CRT will expand our artistic reach and national reputation through increased programming, strategic partnerships, and investment in our artists.

2. Community

CRT will deepen connections within our rural community and beyond, creating an artistic home for all artists, patrons, and students.

3. Sustainability

CRT will support the economic prosperity of our region, grow as an essential community partner, and reach new levels of sustainability in our finances, facilities, and staff.