Our Generous Supporters

Season Sponsors $50,000 +

Dane G. Hansen Foundation
Krueger Charitable Foundation
Melvin and Camille Getz

Producers $25,000-$49,000

El Pomar Foundation
Stanley Graff
Pete and Lindsey Leavell
RLC Foundation
Shubert Foundation
Allan and Stephanie Simon
Bob and Dixie Slater
The Hoglund Foundation

Directors $10,000-$24,000

Clarence V. Laguardia Foundation
Colorado Creative Industries
Jerry and Karyn DeVault
Outcalt Foundation
Gates Family Foundation
Kay and Chuck Harbert
Sally and Forrest Hoglund
Peggy Longwood Lamb
Charles and Karen Nearburg
Mary Lee Pinkerton
San Luis Valley Rural Electric Cooperative
Schramm Foundation
William and Teryn Smith
April and Doug Talley
Virginia Christensen Fund

Designers $5,000-$9,999

Katherine and Chris Cummings Brennand
Darcey Brown
Bob and Kay Carrel
Michael and Shelly Dee
First Southwest Bank
Robert and Julia Johns
Terre and Polly Jones
Stephen and Marti Kiely
Leo Gilbert Wetherill Foundation
Mineral County
Ramble House and Creede Guide & Outfitters
Rea Charitable Trust
Ruth H. Brown Foundation
Rita and Roger Shenkel
Rick and Diane Sloan
Morton and Cecelia Weir

Choreographers $2,500-$4,999

Antlers Rio Grande Lodge
Community First Foundation
Ann and Tim Cranor
Creede America
Creede Community Foundation
Del Norte Bank
Dragonfly Flats
Ed and Paige Innerarity
Mandy Patinkin and Kathryn Grody
Jim and Diane Knutzon
Robert and Cynthia Koets
Phil and Teresa Lack
Jim and Jan Crawford Loud
Amanda Marshall
Van and Anne Oliver
Tom Oyler
Pfizer Foundation Matching Gifts Program
Richard and Gwen Powell
Michael and Lanette Quint
David Risser
San Juan Sports
San Luis Valley Federal Bank
Tom and Michele Schrandt
Bob and Sharon Seago
Sheila Fortune Foundation
John and Martha Smith
Tomkins Hardware and Lumber
Bob and Paige Vanosky
Brien and Julianne Ward

Stage Managers $1,000-$2,499

Jess Allford
Charlene and George Ameel
Tim and Diana Anderson
Cat and Avery Augur
Tom Basler
Jean Bethke
Bieber Family Foundation
Judith Blanch
Todd and Frances Bratton
Broken Arrow Land Company
Cheryl Burnet
Sally Mason and Derrell Capes
Jim and Karen Carns
James and Jean Carson
Keith and Debra Cerny
Steve Hall and Bev Chapman
Marica and David Cihon
David and Lei Wang Cohen
Chris Corcoran
Thomas and Shirley Day
Paula DiAntonio
Charles Doehling
ExxonMobil Foundation
John Rochester and Larry Fodor
Jenna Ford
Baccus Fondation Found
Amy Jackson and Tom Fowlston
Libby and Rusty Goff
Ernest and Debra Gomez
Joel Hart
Dale And Beverly Hettinger
Thomas Hoog
James R. Jackson
Joan Green Jeffrey
Carol Krueger
Larry Morgan and Julie Kushner
Charles And Kay Lancaster
Amy Latham
Stan and Julie Lentz
Paul Day-Lucore
Lynn and Shirley Ann McCullough
Chad McNair
Mineral County
Gary and Beverly Moore
Tio Newton
Randy and Stephanie Park
Stephen and Marta Quiller
Sylvia Quint
Charles and Jackie Railsback
Julia Rathgeber
Carolyn Lamb and Steve Reed
Joyce and Dave Robinson
Lynn Russell
Linda And Gary Sandstrom
Kent and Susan Sasser
Susanne C. Shutz
Sally Smith
Sarah Lentz Spellman
Elise Backinger and Kent Strickland
Alan Echeverria and Dyan Sublett
Tom and Jane Swanson
Beach and Lee Ann Snyder
Daniel P. Wolkowitz
Ron V. and Sandra Yates

Leading Roles $500-$999

Jessie Albright
Paul Barnes
David and Amanda Basler
Dr. Susan and Shane Birdsey
Alice Black
Bob and Robin Brobst
Carlyn Bryngelson
John and Boone Bullington
Jennifer Houston and Alan Busche
Duane and Lorey Bussey
Ed and Vickie Cannon
Lynn Chambers
Frank Cohen
Robert Davison
Doug and Ginni Davlin
Ellen and Ray Deaver
Colleen and Mark Desanto
Tom Bodnar and Paul DiAntonio
Stacey and Reed Dillon
John Disheroon
Harvey and Kathy Duchene
Neal R. Fenter
Jane Gann
Frederick Grover
Dr. James Harding
Lindsey Hervey
Carl and JoAnn Hill
Joe Hill
George and Lonnie Sweet Hoffman
Bob and Marguerite Holt
Holy Moses Gift Shop
Nagle and Sandy Jackson
Mary Sue and Ron Johnson
Harold and Kay Kelloff
Diana and Mike Kinsey
Craig and Judy Knight
Dr. Jim and Christine Mercer Kraft
Amy Krueger
Libby Lamb
Rod Limke
David Mann
Justin and Madeline McCarty
Steve and Linda McCormick
Susan McCrea
Jerry McKee
Ernie M. Myers
Richard and Jane Nearing
Kristie Ogden
Catherine and Richard Ormsby
Aubrey Pargin
James and Margaret Phillips
Dale and Anne Pizel
Richard and Jean Ramstetter
Judith Reynolds
Ron and Jennifer Roberts
Harold and Margaret Rominger
Jessica Salsbury
Kent and Susan Sasser
Mary and Pat Sculley
Charles Sheri
James R. Shmank
Van Souther
Brady Stagner
Barbara Kline Taylor
Karla and Steve Van Treese
Rena and Wally Wells
Sharon Woodbridge
Dean Yannias

Supporting Roles $100-$499

Acxiom Corporation
Gary Aguren
Benjamin Albritton
Susan Andrews
Hunter Angove
David W. Arnold
Sara R. Alt
Kent Strickland and Elise Backinger
Lee Ann Bakros
Therese and John Bannerman
Joel Barker
Jeannette Barnes
Stephen Beckham
Howard and Peggy Berg
John Berry
Margaret Biles
John Blair
Elaine Blumenhein
Ron and Marta Boettcher
Jack Bowen
Marilyn Box
BP Foundation, Inc.
Sandy and Jim Brady
Charla Brown
Guston Browning
David and Glenda Buhrmann
Fred Bunch
Katherine Busser
Harlan and Robin Butt
Catherine Candler
Elizabeth Caplan
Weighton and Linda Carmichael
Jim and Molly Carpenter
Chevron Matching Employee Funds
Carl and Marjorie Clark
Amy Coleman
Glyndal and Kathy Cowan
Janice Coyle
Marty and Darlene Danko
Zora Dash
Dan and Leslie Davidson
Susan H. Davies
Gretchen Davis
James Dawson
Ellen Deacon
Mike Deacon
Mary Jo DePriest
Lucretia A. Flammang and Scott Deshong
Judith Dettloff
John and Caitlin Wise DiAntonio
Daniel DiAntonio
Emma DiAntonio
Vito DiAntonio
Steve Dillon
Bill and Lori Dooley
Patrick and Beverly Dooley
Lizabeth Duckworth
Janell Dunsworth
Don and Leslie Dustin
Sue Ehrgood
Mary Susan Eldredge
Barbara Elliot
Carol and Jim Erwin
Joyce and Tom Faris
Cheryll Faust
Dave and Sandy Filleman
Leland Fillenwarth
Brandon Fimple
Stan and Debbie Fimple
Robert Flynn
Vickie Ford
Robert Foster
Susie and Paul Franke
Michael Freed
Charles and Joyce Freuden
David and Lael Fruen
Diane Fullrich
Bruce and Linda Gardiner
Carey and Dennis Gardner
Michael Garratt
Fred and Sharon Gauthier
Wilfred And Sharon Gauthier
Peter and Alison Bethke Gayek
K.R. And Sherri George
Joan Germany
Amy Getz
Larry and Roz Gibel
Bob and Pam Gjellum
Gaines Godfrey
Heather Greenwolf
Charles Hall
Jean and Darrell Hamilton
Lynn Hancock
Thomas Harrison
Richard L. Hay
Steve and Cynthia Haynes
Bruce and Parry Heath
Loydene and Hal Helmstetler
Wyatt and Karen Henderson
Don and Rosemary Hollenshead
John and Gloria Hood
Lon and Julie Houseman
Michael Hudson
David and Lynn Hurst
David Hutson
Greg and Patty Ingham
John and Jan Ison
Barbara Ivey
Jessica Jackson
Janis G. Jacobs
Linda D Jamison
Judith and Ed Judkins
Gregg and Kristine Kampf
Cynthia and James Keen
Courtney Klager
M.M. Kooyman
Gary and Jodee Kring
Sandra L. Kroll
Dave Krueger
Jennifer Krueger
Ken and Hazel Kutac
Carolyn M. Kwanabe
Robert Lamb
Maurice LaMee
Beverly Larson
Bryan and Jan Lawler
Brian Leavell
Ruth Leever
Rebecca Lennahan
Linda Levesque
Sarah Linn
Gail Longfellow
Ronald E. Loser
Laura Love
Patricua Lovelady
Carlos And Dorothy Lucero
James A. Lundberg
Jan and Charles Mac Leod
Barb Macdonald
Jean Mackenzie
Mariah Maclennan
Eric Mann
Howard Martin
Randall and Lyn Mason
Cecelia Matson
Robert and Melanie Matthews
Kent Maughan
John And Barbara McClure
John F. and Susan J. McClure
Richard and Marilyn McCullough
Paul McCumber
Cheryl Mceachran
Cheryl McFarren
William and Marlys Meagher
Kitty Melch
James Melvin
Jeffrey Menten
Clifton Meyer
Carolee Miller
Anne Milne
Gary Mitchell
James Mitchell
James and Laura Mobberley
Sheila D. Moore
John And Janet Mulay
Dot and Barney Mulligan
George Muncrief
Patrick Murphy
Linda Musci
Dave and Zoe Myers
Ken and Carolyn Nall
Ed and Mary Nettleton
David and Molly Niven
Kathy and Jim Nolan
Rose M. Odom
Harold W. Olson
Jeff, Hallie, Laura, Charles Owsley
Bryan Paulson
Butch and Merlaine Peede
Jeanne G. Pees
Glenn and Betsy Pense
Ann and Skip Phebus
Susan Pollard
Alton and Jane Pope
Diane and Wally Post
Yvonne Prichard
Renee Prince
Dr. and Mrs. John C. Quicker
Evie and Michael Rapport
Kathy Reed
Caryn Relkin
Rick and Joanne Charitable Fund
Joe Roach
Alan and Ann Robson
Pesha Rudnick
Elise and Neil Rudolph
Mary and Ward Russell
Mark Rye
Sandra J. Adkisson Charitable Trust
Kent and Susan Sasser
Tom and Karyl Scarlett
Kent Schlundt
Schwab Charitable Fund
Rebecca Seidel
Kelly Rae Shanks
Kaye Shedlock
Janice Sheftel
Michelle Sibley
Bob and Bonnie Siddons
William Dean Smith
Robert Spangler
Harry Spencer
Wendy Spirek
Edward Spray
Barbara Leichty and Jim St. John
Kathryn Stahmann
Jim and Connie Stiegler
Lynn and Mike Surovik
Ken and Janet Taht
The Minnesota Girls
Bill and Clarice Tidyman
David and Mary Tilney
Gretchen Tinkle
Pamela Tumler
Olin and Jessica Tunnell
Kim Hargraves and Todd Tyrrell
Virginnia K Van Ry
Phyllis Vandehaar
Phil and Carolyn Virden
Mike and Meghan Vucetic
Debbie Wagner
Jane Waldie
Melissa Walker
Paul and Doris Wall
Bettye Wallace
Steve and Jane Wardlaw
Wason Ranch
Kay and Janice Watkins
Jonathan Weathers
Bradford West
Barbara Wiles
Jennifer Wilson
Windsock Acres
Frederick H. and Michele May Winston
Caitlin Wise
Elliott Daniel Wise
Jane Wise
Kathryn and Larry Wolfe
Patrick Woods
Richard Worm
Ronnie and Anita Wright
R. Deane and Esther Wymer
Valinda Yarberry
Mark Yardley
Nancy Zeller
Elizabeth Zurn


over 400 donors gave a total of $10,234


*from January 1, 2018 – March 26, 2019


For more information, please contact:
Julia McCorvey, Development Director
719-658 -2540 Ext: 231