Sound the alarm! There’s a teenager in the house and you know what that means? Boomtown Improv is THIRTEEN. Crazy hormones, selective hearing, stomping through the hallway, little regard for human cleanliness, consumption of only frozen foods, video game seclusion, and SO MUCH DIRTY LAUNDRY! We are Boomtown, and we do what we want! Except drive…because….we don’t have our license for, like, another 3 years. SO NOT COOL!

Endless combinations of old favorites (hey, who you callin’ old?!) and some new kids.
Kate Berry
Dustin Bronson
John DiAntonio
Jessica Jackson
Jenna Neilsen
Bethany Eilean Talley
Graham Ward
Caitlin Wise
And new faces, too!

Musical Improviser –
Andy Hudson
Tech Improviser – Miranda Feldtman
Lighting Design – Kaye Swindle
Sound Design – Darius Talkington Fletcher