Quiller Pictures

Let Allie Quiller take you on a journey through the many facets of CRT. These three films feature an in-depth, behind the scenes look into repertory theatre, the KID Show, and the Young Audience Outreach Tour. In addition to all the cast, crew, and staff who help make these films possible, a special thanks to Producer and CRT Board Member David Cohen.

REP a documentary

Rotating repertory theatre at 9,000 ft: 427 costumes, 125 performances, 105 artists, 9 different plays, 2 stages, and a different show each night. How the heck do we pull it off? Get a secret look “behind the curtain” and see how CRT brings the magic to life.

KID Show

It was such a joy and an honor to follow these kids on their journey during 2018’s KID Show program. Their work inspires me to do better.

Award Winner: Best Documentary and Best Children’s film, at the Action on Film MegaFest in Las Vegas.

Albert Porter Boy Explorer – Beyond Children’s Theater

A behind the scenes look into the making of the Young Audience Outreach Tour show Albert Porter Boy Explorer.