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Looking for the most talked about CRT clips, documentaries, and comedy shorts? They’re all available to watch right now. We’ve got award-winning actors, movies, and LIVE new plays! Follow along on our facebook page, just a click away.

CRT Team Education is releasing new Online Content every weekday! This includes:
The Adventures of Sunny and Blue – In this new web series, local clowns, Sunny and Blue, problem-solve, strategize, and negotiate a whole new way of life. Each episode they are faced with a new problem, which they must work together to solve.
CRT’s Cozy Corner – Get comfortable and grab your tea, while members of the CRT EDU team read some of our favorite picture books to you. Follow-up questions and activities are provided.
CRT’s Cozy Corner: Chapter Book Edition – Join Ms. Emily as she reads “Wizard of OZ” by L. Frank Baum. Feel free to follow along in the provided E-Book, and dive in further following each chapter with provided follow-up questions.
CRT’s Cozy Corner: Short Story Edition
In this month-long journey, Ms. Emily will be reading stories from Rudyard Kipling’s “Just So Stories.” Each episode will include links to read along, follow-up questions and activities, and a glossary for potentially new words!
Friday Day Camp LIVE! Get ready for fun online theatre workshops conducted via Facebook Live! These hour-long workshops cover things like Puppetry, Dance, Sound Design, and everything in between!


Singalong with Ms. Holly!

Join Ms. Holly as she sings and plays some of your favorite songs. Enjoy some fun stories along the way, and if you have one, grab your ukulele! She will be teaching the chords as she plays!

Giving Tuesday Episode

Episode One- “Don’t worry- be happy!

Episode Two- “Yellow Submarine”

Episode Three- “Somewhere Over the Rainbow”

Episode Four- “Here Comes the Sun”

Episode Five- “Stand By Me”

Episode Six- “Dreams”

Toddler Time
Join Ms. Brittni in this new program, specifically designed for our youngest learners (ages 3 and under). Each week we will be singing songs, telling stories, and playing games around a different exciting and educational theme!

Need LIVE theatre?
48 Hour Play Challenge (March 23-May 6th) – This six week playwriting competition featured six weeks of brand new plays, performed online by CRT favorites.
Week One
Theme: Interior
Featuring Kate Berry, Tyler Horn, and Monica Sallaway
An Abundance of Caution – by Rachael Carnes
Week Two
Theme: Seaside
Featuring Brandon Davis, Morgan Manfredi, and Holly Thompson
Seagull Safety and Stimulus Package 2020 – by Sheric Hull
Week Three
Theme: Monsters
Featuring Emily Diaz, Brandon Davis, and Monica Sallaway
Monsters – by Josephine Magnoni
Week Four
Theme: Apex
Featuring John DiAntonio, Caitlin Wise, and Holly Thompson
War Dog – by James McLindon
Week Five
Theme: Remote
Remote Control by Beth Kander
Featuring Lavour Addison, Brandon Davis, and Caitlin Wise
Week Six
Theme: Accumulation
 Accumulation by Jonathan D. Allsup
Featuring Kate Berry, Brandon Davis, Tyler Horn, and Morgan Manfredi
Honorable Mentions:
Collecting Memories by Jennifer Rehling, featuring Emily Diaz, Brandon Davis, and Stuart Rider
Interior Motives by Chloe McLeod featuring Chloe McLeod and Susannah McLeod
Summit Up by Beth Kander featuring John DiAntonio, Emily Diaz, Morgan Manfredi, Monica Sallaway, and Cailtin Wise.

Feel like a movie?

Let director Allie Quiller take you on a journey through the many facets of CRT. These three films feature an in-depth, behind the scenes look into repertory theatre, the KID Show, and the Young Audience Outreach Tour.

REP a documentary

Rotating repertory theatre at 9,000 ft: 427 costumes, 125 performances, 105 artists, 9 different plays, 2 stages, and a different show each night. How the heck do we pull it off? Get a secret look “behind the curtain” and see how CRT brings the magic to life.




It was such a joy and an honor to follow these kids on their journey during 2018’s KID Show program. Their work inspires me to do better.

Award Winner: Best Documentary and Best Children’s film, at the Action on Film MegaFest in Las Vegas.


ALBERT PORTER BOY EXPLORER – Beyond Children’s Theater

A behind the scenes look into the making of the Young Audience Outreach Tour show Albert Porter Boy Explorer.






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