RIPCORD Troubleshooting Tips

  • How do I cast? Computer (PC or Mac): Open the video on your computer and right-click anywhere on the page. There is an option to “Cast” in the dropdown. 
  • Android: Essentially screen mirroring. Use the Google Home App, select the device you’d like to cast to, and choose “Cast My Screen”. Then open the link on your phone. 
  • iPhone / iPad: IOS devices cannot do a general Chromecast or mirroring with non-Apple devices. You may only cast from the Vimeo App, however you cannot get to a password protected video on the App via the link. A wired connection is the only option. 
  • My video is playing slow or stalling? To try a lower resolution for faster playback: Click the “gear wheel” icon at the bottom of the page on Vimeo. Autoplay is usually set at 1080p, but you can adjust it to a lower number for quicker playback. For those with slower Internet connections, to choose 540p or 360p for a better experience.

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