The Great Big Holiday Bake-Off

The Ruth
Recommended for grades three and up

By Andy Beck and Brian Fisher
With Additional Music by Phillip Hageman and Penny Leka
Recording Orchestrated by Alan Billingsley, Tim Hayden, and Steve Herold

It’s down to the wire and the remaining contestants in our confectionary cooking competition are assigned one final task—fantastic holiday treats! What will it be? Sugar cookies? Hot chocolate? A candy-covered gingerbread house? This delicious 30-minute musical delivers all the goodies with scrumptious songs and simple scenes that are guaranteed to satisfy any sweet tooth. Two hosts, a pair of judges, six star bakers, and a chorus of any size are just the right recipe for fun. Complete choreography videos are available for every song, from the tasty opening theme to the festive fruitcake finale! Recommended for grades three and up.

Directed and Choreographed by Emily Diaz
Music Directed by Johanna Gray

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