20th Anniversary
The KID Show:


by Allison Quiller
directed by Renee Prince


A Magical Adventure…
Under the umbrella of World War II, Music Box is a coming-of-age adventure tale that follows Maggie, a young magician, who journeys into the strange and illusory world of a music box in search of her missing father. There, she discovers a land ruled over by the tyrannical Eagle Man, where she makes new friends, faces dangers, and ultimately must use her skills to save her father – and the world.
Family Friendly

The KID Show’s mission is to provoke and empower the creative minds of local youth while placing them in a professional environment and encouraging them to play.

Sensory Warning: There will be flashing and moving lights during this performance. 

COVID-19 Safety

Please read CRT’s COVID-19 Safety Protocols prior to attending any CRT performance. Many factors went into crafting these rules – your health and safety, and that of our students, artists, and staff was of the utmost importance. These protocols may change periodically based on government mandates and/or requirements from the performers’ union. Thank you for your support and understanding as we navigate new territory together!


Allison Quiller

Allison began her creative career with the inception of CRT’s KID Show in 2003. After graduating from Interlochen Arts Academy with a focus in creative writing, she studied writing for film and television at Vancouver Film School in British Columbia. While in Canada, she worked as a writer and puppet maker for Idle Minds Sketch Comedy. She then worked in film and television in Los Angeles, including on The Lone Ranger and Godzilla before a stint as Art Department Coordinator for ABC Family’s Pretty Little Liars. Upon moving back to Creede, her first documentary feature, Paul Freakin’ Stone (that’s who), won the Gold Medal Award for the Atlanta International Documentary Festival in 2014. The documentary KID Show won multiple awards at the Action on Film Fest in 2019. She is proud to continue her collaboration with CRT and is humbled by the opportunity to write this year’s KID Show.

Renée Prince

Renée is the Executive Artistic Director of VOICES, a nonprofit based in Carbondale, CO which amplifies underrepresented voices and stories through original community- based theater projects. She is the former Education Director of CRT and arrived in these beautiful mountains at the age of twenty-two for her first season as part of CRT’s acting company. She founded The KID Show with her brother Ryan Prince twenty years ago and is over-the-moon excited to be directing Allie Quiller’s stunning new play Music Box. Recent directing credits include Circle Mirror Transformation by Annie Baker at Thunder River Theatre Company, the Women’s Voices Theater Project – a devised show for VOICES, and Cassidy Willey’s solo show As Close As I Can, which premiered at the 2021 Denver Fringe Festival and which Renee helped develop. Renee holds a Bachelors in Theater from Northwestern University and a Masters in Theater Education from the University of Northern Colorado.

John DiAntonio

Renee Prince

Director’s Note

Down the rabbit hole. Over the rainbow. Into the wardrobe. For 20 years, The KID Show has been a portal to an alternate space and time, a dream place, where the upside-down-ness of the adult world is conquered by the imagination of kids – a place where swan bicycles flap their wings, blacklight mermaids swim the seas, and the only real rules are to be curious, love each other, and try not to miss your cue.

Allie Quiller was a member of the first rogue band of KID Show participants in 2003. Since then, the unbridled wildness and laser-focused playfulness of kids has built, shaped, and sustained this program. In the not-much-makes-sense real world, the fact that Allie Quiller has returned to write The KID Show’s 20th anniversary play feels almost disorienting in its rightness. Like finding myself under a lamppost in the snow with a talking fawn.  

Music Box is written against the backdrop of World War II. When it was drafted, we didn’t yet know we’d be witnessing another war, that we’d be watching heartbreak and mass destruction perpetrated by another in a long-line of small-minded, closed-hearted tyrants. What world are we making for our children? In this knockout new play by Allie Quiller, the kids save us once again, and oh how I wish they didn’t have to. How I wish we could protect them. But until that day, I’m grateful that spaces like The KID Show exist. For the participants, yes, but especially for us. Because for a short time, we get to sit in a dark theater surrounded by our fellow human beings and witness the sparkling courage and clarity of kids.

This production is dedicated to Jeff Carey whose fiercely singular point of view helped us break all the rules.


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