Little Shop of Horrors

book and lyrics by Howard Ashman
music by Alan Menken
based on the film by Roger Corman
screenplay by Charles Griffith
directed by Jessica Jackson

It’s a familiar story: Boy meets Girl. Girl is dating a sadistic dentist. Boy meets mysterious, blood-thirsty plant. In an effort to win over Girl, Boy makes a pact with Plant to allow his wildest dreams to come true. Plant makes plans to take over the world! Since its Off-Broadway debut in 1982, Little Shop quickly became one of the most popular shows in the world. You won’t want to miss this deliciously outrageous sci-fi hit musical.

Little Shop of Horrors was originally directed by Howard Ashman with musical staging by Edie Cowan. Little Shop of Horrors is presented through special arrangement with Music Theatre International (MTI). All authorized performance materials are also supplied by MTI.

Director – Jessica Jackson
Music Director – Andy Hudson
Choreographer – Bethany Eilean Talley
Scenic Design – Logan Greenwell
Costume Design – Anthony James Sirk
Lighting Design – Kristof Janezic
Sound Design – Jacob K. Harbour
Fight Director – Dustin Bronson*
Puppet Design – Cory Gilstrap, Imagined Creations

Stage Manager – Megan Barrett*
Asst. Stage Manager – JuanCarlos Contreras*
Asst. Stage Manager – Miranda Ray
Fight Captain – Dustin Bronson*
Dance Captain – Katrina Michels*

Crystal – Alexandria Bates
Ronnette – Michael Rawls
Chiffon – Kayla Johnson
Mushnik – Bill Lawrence
Audrey – Katrina Michaels*
Seymour – Nicholas Caycedo
Orin/Bernstein/Snip/Luce/and everyone else – Dustin Bronson*
Audrey II Voice – Brian Baylor
Audrey II Manipulation – Ivy Loos-Austin
Understudies – Emily Diaz, Hagan Oliveras

Conductor/Keys – Andy Hudson
Percussion – Mickey Bertelson
Guitar/Bass – Mason Howell

Chuck and Kay Harbert & The Rio Grande Angler
Del Norte Bank
San Luis Valley Federal Bank
Valley Courier

*Member of Actors’ Equity Association, the Union of Professional Actors and Stage Managers in the United States.


Jessica Jackson

Little Shop is one of those rare, perfect musicals. Musical theatre nerds often disagree about what makes a perfect musical, but for me, it’s one that doesn’t have anything extra. There’s no fat on this lean show. A perfect musical also has equal parts heart and style. Alan Menken and Howard Ashman adapted this musical from a 1960 sci-fi-horror movie – and it unabashedly celebrates its B-movie roots. The characters are iconic, but also lovingly relatable. The monster is low-budget and over-the-top, and yet somehow seductive and terrifying.

Many mid-20th century science-fiction movies explored how humans are capable of tremendous good and surprising evil. In Little Shop, Seymour is our human hero, one of the little guys, aspiring to bring prosperity to Mushnik and security to Audrey. Unfortunately, in order to make Skid Row a better place for those he loves, he must feed people to a giant carnivorous plant. It’s a classic Faustian bargain.

It’s a bargain that many of us make every day. When Seymour sings about living “Downtown…where depression’s just status quo…down on Skid Row,” he’s singing about a life with no foreseeable path to prosperity. His journey from innocent shop-boy to making the proverbial “deal with the devil” is disturbingly relatable. If you were in Seymour’s shoes, what would you do? Would you compromise your morals, just a tiny bit at first (only a few drops of blood), to give those you love a better life?

This big unsettling question is wrapped in a joyous doo-wop score, an underdog love story, and lots of laughs – making Little Shop of Horrors a perfect musical.