She Loves Me

Fri. Sep. 8

Book by Joe Masteroff
Music by Jerry Bock
Lyrics by Sheldon Harnick
Based on a play by Miklos Laszlo

Rated PG
Main Stage
One 15-minute intermission

From the creators of Fiddler on the Roof, comes this classic romantic comedy about Georg and Amalia, feuding co-workers in a 1930s perfume shop. They find solace in writing their anonymous romantic pen-pals, who just happen to be each other. Will their love continue to blossom once they learn the truth? She Loves Me is based on a play by Miklos Laszlo, which inspired the classic film, The Shop Around the Corner, and the blockbuster hit, You’ve Got Mail. The whole family will fall in love with this heartfelt, nostalgic masterpiece.

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Music Director
Scenic Design
Costume Design
Lighting Design
Sound Engineer
Stage Manager
Asst. Stage Manager
Asst. Stage Manager
Asst. Stage Manager
Dance Captain
Michael Perlman+
Ian LeRoy
Maddy Apple
Rick Reeves
Asa Benally
Jacob Welch
Eaton Saylor
Devon Muko*
Nia Sciarretta*
Aaron McEachran
Alexandria Skaar
Emily Van Fleet*



Amalia Balash
Georg Nowack
Ilona Ritter
Steven Kodaly
Zoltan Maraczek
Ladislav Sipos
Arpad Laszlo
Headwaiter & U/S Georg
Ensemble & U/S Ilona
Ensemble & U/S Amalia
Emily Van Fleet*
Donovan Woods*
Kate Berry*
Pat Moran
Logan Ernstthal*
Spencer D. Christensen
CJ Salvani
Josh Zwick
Brian Kusic
Ian LeRoy
Allan Stuart
Christy Brandt*
Annie F. Butler
Claudio Venancio
Bettina Lobo
Gina Velez



She Loves Me is presented by special arrangement with Music Theatre International (MTI). All authorized performance materials are also supplied by MTI.

*Member of Actors’ Equity Association, the Union of Professional Actors and Stage Managers in the United States.

+ The Director is a member of the STAGE DIRECTORS AND CHOREOGRAPHERS SOCIETY, a national theatrical labor union.


Well. Well well well well well well well well well.

What makes a “perfect” musical? So many musicals are written and yet so few are able to attain that type of perfection where the audience and actors ride a ride that can only be found in the delight of musical theater. There is a special kind of alchemy that occurs when three-dimensional, full blooded characters meet a timeless relatable story meets music that is a perfect expression of the lyrics which are simultaneously witty and heartfelt and meet an audience ready to be swept up in the journey that the writers have so meticulously crafted. How lucky are we that She Loves Me achieves this alchemic perfection and that we get to share it together?

For a perfect musical to mean anything, though, it must withstand the test of time. Not only has the story of She Loves Me withstood the test of time from its first iteration in Miklós László’s play Parfumerie to The Shop Around the Corner and In the Good Old Summertime and most recently in You’ve Got Mail, but in many ways it is exactly the story we need in our current climate of upheaval and tension. These characters, after all, are living in Budapest in the 1930s. They are landlocked in an increasingly fraught Europe that has fallen far past the brink of war, and are finding themselves in the middle of a changing economy in which they might be left behind. They are looking for hope of a better future and they look where so many of us have looked before and will keep looking-to love. In order to find that love, however, sometimes we have to look where we least suspect. Sometimes, as these characters find, we have to be willing to sit across from someone we think we hate-with whom we think we share nothing in common, with whom we think there could not possibly be anything on which we agree or even ways in which we see the same world-and discover that there may be plenty to love after all.

Will wonders never cease?

Michael Perlman


Costume sketches by Asa Benally


If you love The Lion King, you are really loving Hamlet. If you love West Side Story, you are really loving Romeo and Juliet. When you find a story that strikes a chord, you’ve found gold. She Loves Me has a great ancestry and progeny. The story is timeless.

The first seed of She Loves Me was a play called the Parfumerie by Miklos Laszlo written in 1937. The play coupled the funny young romantic leads with the older shop owner’s dissolving marriage. The play wasn’t performed in the United States until 2009.


Shop Around the CornerThe Shop Around the Corner
From the seed of Parfumerie grew the delightful film, The Shop Around the Corner directed by Ernst Lubitsch and adapted by Samson Raphaelson starring Margaret Sullavan and James Stewart. The film retains the Budapest setting, but now the perfume shop is a leather shop. This low budget, modest film was ranked #28 by the American Film Institute on its list of “100 Years…100 Passions,” right behind The Sound of Music.


SummertimeIn the Good Old Summertime
The Shop Around the Corner bloomed into the popular musical, In the Good Old Summertime, starring Judy Garland and Van Johnson. Chicago became the new setting for the musical and the leather shop was transformed into a music store. Buster Keaton, a long time silent film movie star, makes a comedic cameo as the nephew of the music storeowner.


You're Got MailYou’ve Got Mail
The charming and witty movie, You’ve Got Mail, written by Nora Ephron, brought the “star-crossed” pen pals into the cyber age. Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks play the lovers, the setting has jumped to New York City, and the shop is a local children’s bookstore. This film makes the timeless story exceedingly relevant in our age of internet dating and social media anonymity.