The KID Show

Abandoned Way Out West
Written and Directed by Diana Burbano

Aquilina is a clever, courageous, and imaginative girl who leads a group of orphans in a recently abandoned wild west town. Will the railroad town disappear completely? Will Aquilina and her crew be sent to orphanages around the country? Join us to find the missing deed and solve the mystery of their town’s original founders!

Now in its 16th season The KID Show program will continue to empowered young creative minds to develop and produce a new play alongside professional mentors. This program has been recognized four consecutive years by the National Arts and Humanities Youth Program Award.

Rated G


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Thu, Jul 12, 20181:30 PMBuy now
Fri, Jul 13, 201811:00 AMBuy now
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Participant Information

Performances July 12 / 1:30 PM & July 13-14 / 11 AM

Register for The KID Show HERE. For more information about The KID Show contact CRT’s Education Director Johamy Morales at or 719-658-2540 x227


The KID Show is made possible each year by a generous gift from The Hitchcock Foundation and The Sheila Fortune Foundation. Their support means so much to CRT and the kids of Creede. We give them our most sincere thanks.



2017 – I, (Mac)kers written and directed by Emily Van Fleet and Nathan Jones
2016 – Rodeo and Juliet written and directed by Emily Van Fleet and Nathan Jones
2015 – BONES! written by the ensemble and co-directed by Johamy Morales and Anna Paniccia
2014 – A Midsummer Night Trapeze by John DiAntonio and Caitlin Wise
2013 – Alice in the Bookstore Palace by John DiAntonio
2012 – Saving Red by John DiAntonio
2011 – BUGS
2010 – DRAGONS
2009 – The Story of Babar the Little Elephant by Jean de Brunhoff with music by Francis Poulenc
2008 – Scruff Turbo and the Children of the Future by Jeff Carey with music by Jessica Jackson
2007 – Lullaby Bay by Jeff Carey with music by Jessica Jackson
2006 – Emilia’s Tree by Jeff Carey
2005 – The Rainbow Goblins
adapted from a story by Ul de Rico
2004 – The Minpins: A Roald Dahl Puppet Show
2003 – An Afternoon of Mime


“My child was treated with respect, she learned many new things, and loved it!” – Michelle Steger, Parent

“The wonder, love, and care that went into those productions allowed me to discover very deep and meaningful places inside myself. I wouldn’t be half the writer I am today without that opportunity: it was a glorious, life-changing experience!” – Jeff Carey, Playwright

“The KID Show was lots of fun and I got to meet a lot of new people. It was also the first time I got to act on stage. My experience with the KID Show was amazing! I loved it!” Jenna, Participant

“This was the most inspiring experience I have had in a long time. As an artist, I was able to collaborate with these students to create something completely new and original!” -Anna Paniccia, Director & Puppeteer Mentor

“The KID Show was very new to me and I enjoyed every minute! This program gave me the chance to make a documentary of The KID Show, which was a challenge. I worked on performing all day, never acted in a play before, and once I got home I worked on the documentary. It was AWESOME!” Isabelle, Participant

“As a twelve year old growing up in the tiny nest of Creede, Colorado, dreams and dreaming often felt impossible or impractical. With The KID Show, not only did I feel allowed to wonder, I felt compelled to do so. As a founding member of this exciting program, I completed seven years of shows, builds, and hard work with the unbelievable artisans and craftspeople that contributed their own talents and passions to the project. Ultimately, this led me to a successful undergraduate career at Colorado College and a year living in the heart of Florence, Italy. Without The KID Show, I would not have dreamed so openly and worked so hard to continue facilitating the same sort of experience in my now (sort of) adult pursuits. It was and still is a rare catalyst for kids yearning for artistic and creative opportunity” – Hannah, Participant

“I have been a part of The KID Show nearly every year! The entire process fits for me because we collaborate with young minds and make beautiful, original, humorous, and thought provoking art. I love working with kids and giving them confidence about their creative thought processes. But it’s not just the kids. I also treasure the adult creative members of The KID Show. As a creative team we can sing a beautiful symphony of collaboration that many theatre artists strive for but may never experience.” – Natalie Maynard, Costume Design Professional Mentor

“I love this project because it brings together people of all ages. It’s amazing inspiration for us to become part of the company for the whole summer. For me it’s a place where I can express myself and collaborate with people who enjoy every bit of the creative process. Without The KID Show, I would not have been able to stand in front of a large group of people and just be silly! Not only that, but I’ve met so many amazing characters along the way. The positive atmosphere is something most companies strive to achieve. It has all helped me to grow up to be a joyful person, which is the best thing I could’ve ever asked for.” – Genevieve, Participant

“In almost every corner of our house are puppets and mementos of past Kid Shows… it brings a smile everyday. My daughters were part of The KID Show from its beginning. I cannot say enough about how it enriched Hanna and Hailey’s childhood, growing up in Creede. It’s been a true GIFT to CRT, and this town. We feel blessed.” – Chere Waters, Parent