Headwaters New Play Festival 2018


Sanctuary, North by R.W. Schneider
Jordan, Montana, population 600. It’s the early spring of 1981 and the mostly unpaved streets of the town have thawed into mud and slush. Hell Creek Bar is one of two in the settlement. Inside there’s lots of dark wood, a pool table and a jukebox. A coin phone is affixed to the wall; the names of beers glow in neon. The youngest son of a very famous and very masculine writer grows up brilliant but bi-polar and often inhabiting a female alternate persona. He’s acquired a wife, five children and a medical degree, but for much of his life he’s pursued the provisional: projects invented during fits of manic energy only to be abandoned weeks or months later. Now he’s moved to a remote hamlet near the Canadian border where he’s the only doctor for a hundred miles around. This is the place he’s chosen to make his stand: permanence, mental stability and masculinity — or die.


Hazardous Materials by Beth Kander
The play takes place in one Chicago apartment, in two different eras. In 2015, new co-workers Hal and Cassie are investigating the residence where an elderly Jane Doe just died; in 1955, two strangers, Esther and Lynley, become tentative friends. In alternating scenes, two stories unfold within the same walls: As Hal and Cassie pick through the physical wreckage of a stranger’s life while dealing with their own emotional detritus, Lynley and Ester attempt to connect across very different worlds. With each object or truth unearthed or ignored in each era, one small apartment unfurls as home to timeless human longing.


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