Friday Day Camps


Friday Day Camps are an opportunity for students who attend school at Creede School or in the greater San Luis Valley to attend a free program regularly, on Fridays during the school year. Each Friday Day Camp will take place from 10AM to 4PM with a break for lunch. Each Friday, the students will be exposed to a different area of theatre, including but not limited to Playwriting, Stage Combat, Theatrical Design, Improvisation, and Musical Theatre. All camps are pay what you can.


March 6
10AM-12:30PM- Stage Combat
1:30-4PM- Sound Design
March 20
10AM-12:30PM- Tap Dance
1:30-4PM- Playwriting
April 3
10AM-12:30PM- World Theatre
1:30PM- 4PM- Character Creation
April 17
10AM-12:30PM- Voiceover
1:30PM- 4PM- Mask/ Commedia


All Friday Day Camps will take place at the Ruth Humphrey’s Brown Theatre.

Parents will need to fill out an emergency contact and photo release form prior to their students’ first Friday Day Camp. This can be filled out electronically in advance, or in person on the day of the first camp.

Snacks will be provided, but students will be responsible for bringing their own lunch.

A student will not be allowed to leave Friday Day Camp with anyone other than their parent/guardian without prior written permission from said parent/guardian.

For questions or to register your student for a Friday Day Camp, please contact Education Director, Brittni Shambaugh Addison, at 719/658.2540 x227 or  


All camps take place at the Moseley Arts Center.
March 9
10AM-12:30PM- Intro to Acting
1:30-4PM- Theatrical Design
March 23
10AM- 12:30PM- Character Creation
1:20PM- 4PM- Mask/ Commedia
April 6
10AM-12:30PM- Stage Combat
1:30-4PM- Musical Theatre Dance
April 20
10AM-1:30PM- Page to Stage
1:30-4PM- Improv


The purpose of Friday & Monday Day Camp Programming is to provide students with a safe environment outside of school. Creede School and schools in the San Luis Valley do not have sessions on Fridays, which makes finding positive and affordable opportunities for the students challenging. Moreover, when parents and guardians are working full-time, they are not always able to secure activities for their students to participate in. Friday Day Camps will both provide a resource for the families, as well as allow theatre professionals to work specifically with the youth in the community to create leadership opportunities, develop specific skills, grow in confidence, and connect with fellow youth.


According to the American Alliance for Theatre and Education, involvement in the arts increases student engagement and encourages consistent attendance. In fact, drop-out rates directly correlate with student levels of involvement in the arts.

Students considered to be at high risk for dropping out of high school cite drama and other arts classes as their motivations for staying in school.

Students who participate in the arts are 3 times more likely to win an award for school attendance than those who do not.


Additionally, while building social and communication skills overall, involvement in drama courses and performance has been shown to improve students’ self-esteem as well as their confidence in their academic abilities.

High school students who are highly involved in drama demonstrate an elevated self-concept over those who are not involved.

Playwriting original works and dramatic presentation of existing works can help to build the self-esteem and communication skills of school-aged students.

The act of performing can help students and youth recognize their potential for success and improve their confidence.