The Paul Stone Olympics

Monday – July 24th, 2017
2 pm
Days of ’92 Arena
FREE to Attend


Ever wanted to race a belt sander? Got a hankering to bowl with fire? Unleash your inner pyrotechnic as we honor the life and legacy of the inimitable Paul Stone with a series of competitive events designed in his image.


Creede Repertory Theatre and the Ladies’ Aid Society are in preparation for one of the most unique events we’ve ever had—celebrating one of the most unique individuals who ever lived.

The Paul Stone Olympics will be held the Days of ’92 Arena, Monday, July 24th at 2pm. Do you have a belt sander you want to race? A drill that’s hiding a talent for boxing? Want to enter your vacuum cleaner into a drinking contest? On the 24th, you can unleash your inner demolition man as we honor the life and legacy of Paul Stone with a series of competitive events designed in his image.

Admission is free! There will be music, food, carnival games, and of course the power tool challenges. We hope to see you there!

To properly celebrate Paul and thank him for his support of our community, we’d like to have local individuals or businesses sponsor, decorate, and name the tools that will undergo the Olympic challenges. For example, two businesses might each have a drill that they dress up for the drill boxing match.

We’re also looking for old tools and supplies that people don’t mind getting mangled, burned, or KO’d. Here’s a list of things you might help us find. Comment or message us if you have a lead!

– vacuums or shop vacuums
– 4×8 sheets of 3/4 plywood
– bowling balls (of course)
– an inflatable kiddy pool
– belt sanders
– old drills
– plastic blenders
– oranges (the fruit)
– pieces of plexiglass
– any other old tools that still turn on (but may be horribly disfigured over the course of the day)

If you’re interested in being involved, please get in touch with me Thanks!