2017 Season

World Premiere

Mike’s determined to keep his faltering general store up and running and he’ll let nothing get in the way: not his two wily daughters, the trucker who thinks he’s dead, the rancher who thinks he’s dying, or even the blizzard outside. But something mysterious is under the floorboards. And it’s getting louder and hungrier. Can Mike save his American Dream from the ravenous creature beneath his store? Or should he just save himself instead? Part Sam Shepard, part Stephen King, Watkins’ writing finds an innovative and thrilling American voice all its own. The most talked-about play in Headwaters New Play Festival history will grip you until the final blackout.

 Talley's Folly


Talley’s Folly is a play to savor and to cheer,” writes The New York Times. Set on a decaying boathouse on a quiet river in Lebanon, Missouri, two tragic yet glorious outcasts reunite on a July evening in 1944. As Matt Friedman woos Sally Talley and strives to break through her protective shell, pieces of the past come to the surface. Packed with tenderness and humor, this Pulitzer Prize winning romantic comedy will enrapture your heart and waltz through your mind for days.


Like the towering cliffs of Creede, Boomtown has endured the test of time. Now 11 years-old, we approach our adolescent season with chins held high. Join in the awkward celebration, as Boomtown’s hormones go into overdrive with perfectly timed jokes, side-splitting slapstick, and off-the-cuff songs that’ll stick in your head for days (sorry about that).


Every year the Young Audience Outreach Tour program brings theater to over 20,000 kids in rural and underserved communities throughout the southwest. We travel 7,000+ miles to elementary schools throughout Colorado, New Mexico, Utah, Nevada, Oklahoma, and Arizona! Each play and its free accompanying children’s book is an original CRT creation.

She Loves Me


From the creators of Fiddler on the Roof, comes this classic romantic comedy about Georg and Amalia, feuding co-workers in a 1930s perfume shop. They find solace in writing their anonymous romantic pen-pals, who just happen to be each other. Will their love continue to blossom once they learn the truth? She Loves Me is based on a play by Miklos Laszlo, which inspired the classic film, The Shop Around the Corner, and the blockbuster hit, You’ve Got Mail. The whole family will fall in love with this heartfelt, nostalgic masterpiece.

Arsenic and Old Lace


Meet the Brewsters: spinster sisters, Abby and Martha, dedicated to charity, family, and poisoning lonely, old men with their homemade arsenic-laced elderberry wine. And who can forget their loving nephews? Teddy, who thinks he’s Theodore Roosevelt, Jonathan (a Boris Karloff look-alike psychopath), and Mortimer, a likable drama critic who navigates his homicidal family, his fiancée, and the Brooklyn PD. Christy Brandt and Annie Butler star in this classic, smash-hit dark comedy that the New York Times called “so funny that none of us will ever forget it.”


This moving and powerful story of an enduring love between two families—one black, one white—is told through the eyes of a six-year-old girl. Winner of the 2001 Obie Award for Best Play, The Syringa Tree chronicles two families straining against the chains of apartheid. Will love conquer fear? Two versatile actresses bring twenty-four characters to life, transporting us to South Africa from 1963 through the present. Join us for this moving tale beautifully brought to life by CRT.


Back by popular demand, Pants on Fire is the story of Ellie, a baby elephant who wants to be a firefighter. No, wait; it’s the story of Sarah, who wants to drive race cars on Mars. Sorry, it’s the story of Joey, whose earthworm pasta is taking over the school cafeteria. That can’t be right. Oh, now I’ve got it! Pants on Fire is the story of whatever you want it to be! Every show is an entirely brand-spanking new musical. How do we pull it off? With suggestions and interactive help from the audience. Bring the whole family again and again to the most creative hour of the summer.

THE KID SHOW: I, Mac(kers)

I, Mac(kers), based on Shakespeare’s “Scottish play”,  uses spoken word to tell the story of aspiring thespian, Martyn, who lets social media and technology fuel his ambition. Will he resist the temptation of cyberbullying or will he compromise his morals by allowing technology to spread rumors and manipulate others? Join us for three weeks of compelling, explosive, and colorful storytelling! The KID Show is a nationally recognized program that allows young artists to develop and produce a new play with professional mentors.